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Friday, July 3, 2009

No one ever comments. I wonder if anyone reads. It's a little like talking into the Mistral. Never mind.

Leaving Monday for New York again. ThrillerFest at the Grand Hyatt. My first visit to ThrilerFest. It's supposed to be fun AS WELL as publicizing my book. I hope so.

It's cold in Sydney but nothing like New York winter cold or London. In fact, more like a spring day in London. One of the reasons I left.

Electricity going up here by 15% and water the same. Yet we're told inflation is running at 4%. An avareage bottle of wine was $5 20 years ago. Now it's 20. I suppose that's fair. Yet books and actor's fees haven't risen much. I made more cash per hear with Hammer Films in 1972 that last year with The Children of the Silk Road. Oy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's been some time since my last blog. But I've been flat out in New York at the Book Expo America. It was truly something. Chatting with Steve Berry, Michael Connelly, David Morrell and a host of other huge stars was electrifying. And all, unlike film actors I have worked with in the past, were modest and charming. Says a lot for writers! I wonder which am I? Hmmmm. Sunday, when I had my signing, was a half day and supposed to be quiet. Indeed it was. But ten minutes to ten a queue began forming and low and behold I signed for an hour an a half! Amazing. The people who queued told me the word had gotten around about Worst Nightmares. I can tell yoiu it was a great feeling.
Cyber reviews from book clubs and blogs from people who read a LOT have been wunderbar. Have a look at my site in a few days as we're adding the reviews.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

And another wunderbar review. I'm astounded by the quality of the literary criticism.

LOVED THIS review!  There are people out there who really 'dig' my book. That's really encouraging.
Loved the review I'll post at the bottom of this blog. Intelligent and well written - a rare thing. So Book Expo America looms tomorrow. Never been to one this size. Should be fascinating.

Tramped the sidewalks yesterday checking out SoHo, Tribecca etc. Didn't spot de Niro. Maybe he's doing stuff? A movie? Cooking up a storm at the T Grill? 
LOVED this very intelligent review...  Makes you feel you're being appreciated on the levels you wanted.